PDP – Taking in the Outdoors

Outdoor Jogging – this is probably one of my favourite physical activities to do! There is nothing better than moving and breathing in the fresh air at the same time.  I’m not looking forward to that first large winter snowfall because I feel that it will limit the amount of jogging that I do outside.  Although, that shouldn’t limit me, should it?

Yes, it might. I always seem to get my first seasonal cold that way so that’s why I try to refrain from outdoor jogging when it is below 15 or if there is a windchill.

I jogged tonight anyways.  I will continue to do so until the weather really puts a damper on my outdoor physical fitness.  In the meantime though, I will continue going for jogs and taking in the fresh air! Nothing better.

Question of the day: If one were to get into winter running, what kind of things would they have to look into? Ways to run, clothing to wear, etc? Share some tips and tricks if you have any!


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