Well, here we are.  I have finally reached the end of my PDP.  It has been a worthwhile journey so far since my start in September.  I have had some ups and downs (from having lighter class loads to getting sick) but I have seen some progress and reached my goal and that is what matters most!

There are 3 things that I have learned from PDP that I will take with me into my future class and it is this:

1. Everyone can set a goal.

2. Everyone can work to the best of their ability.

3. Everyone can be successful.

I talk about these 3 things and my entire PDP process in my latest youtube video.

It can be found HERE or by searching http://www.youtube.com/missblairy and finding my most recent video titled ‘PDP Final Reflection – MOTIVATION”.

I also wrapped up my process by making my own motivational board! I talked about it a bit in my video (around the 6:31 mark).  Here is a close up look at my board, in case you want any ideas or just want to see how it turned out!


Thanks for being a part of my Professional Development Project.  I cannot wait to keep up with it in the New Year! I will be sure to update videos and blog posts here so that you can keep up.

-Blair Wrubleski


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